Our Story

We’re just your average American family.

I was 15 and he was 16 when his best friend and my best friend thought it would be a really funny practical joke to set up two completely opposite people and see what would happen.  Six weeks in we knew we were getting married one day.  5 years later, we did.  Joke’s on them – we’ve been best friends for 23 years and counting.


For 15 years he worked in oil while I worked at home. Three kids, homeschooling and all the stuff that wives and moms do keeps you busy while kids do what they do – grow up way too fast.

The computer geek just turned 20 and he’s impressing us as he works toward his engineering degree.

The artist is almost 16 and we have zero idea where she gets her talent because it isn’t from us!

The baby athlete is 14 and inspires us all everyday with his drive and determination.

Two years ago when oil was crashing and thousands of people were losing their jobs we took a big risk.  Ron was offered a job (one he hadn’t looked or applied for, mind you) in the place we had dreamed of retiring one day (the Texas Hill Country).  He took it.  We sold the house.  Our 1960’s house sold in SIX HOURS with two offers over asking price!!!  (Can you say meant to be?)  We packed up 2,000 sq. ft. and a lifetime worth of belongings and had them loaded up and taken to storage.  We bought a fifth wheel, parked it at a beautiful lake, and that’s where we are now.

We took a six figure per year pay cut.  
We left the only city we’ve ever called home.
We squished ourselves into 450 sq. ft.  (I say we’re living like Europeans.)
We’ve paid off (or sold off) over $160,000 worth of debt so far.
While Ron still works his “regular” job whenever they happen to need him (which isn’t very often)
we’re building businesses that make us excited to wake up and go to work together every.single.day.

Living small is making big changes in our hearts and we’re dreaming big again.

We are in love with our lives.
This is our story.